Top-Ranked NoSQL Database Integrated into the MapR Distribution including Hadoop for Unlimited Production Use

October 15, 2014

MapR-DB with Hadoop powers real-time, data-driven applications

MapR Technologies, Inc., provider of the top-ranked distribution for Apache™ Hadoop®, today announced at Strata Conference + Hadoop World 2014 that MapR Database is now available for unlimited production use in the freely-downloadable MapR Community Edition. MapR Database was recently recognized by an independent research firm as the highest scored NoSQL key-value database for current offering among all reviewed vendors. Companies can reduce architectural complexity, lower costs and speed business results with the integrated, high performance NoSQL and Hadoop solution.

“MapR-DB is an in-Hadoop database that integrates natively with Hadoop. It supports automatic sharding and re-balancing of the cluster to support broader scale,” wrote Noel Yuhanna, principal analyst, in a recent Forrester Research report.* “MapR customers have deployed all types of workloads including transactional, analytical, predictive analytics, and mixed. Since MapR provides NoSQL key-value integration with Hadoop, MapR customers often deploy a mixed workload in a single cluster.”

“Over the last 18 months, hundreds of customers have successfully deployed MapR Database to run operational applications directly on Hadoop on our premium edition,” said Tomer Shiran, vice president of product management, MapR Technologies. “With MapR Database now in the MapR Community Edition, this advantage is available to all individuals and organizations worldwide, enabling new use cases involving data streaming and real-time operational analytics.”

Operational analytic environments require a balanced combination of reads, writes and analytics in applications such as fraud detection/prevention, real-time product recommendations, or user authentication. Increasingly, customers are also seeking real-time transactional or streaming applications in environments like Internet of Things, sensor data and log analytics. Typically, separate sets of technologies handle the database operations and the analytical jobs, resulting in complex architectures. However, MapR uniquely can handle both these requirements in one powerful platform.

“As a customer experience and marketing analytics solution provider for the telecommunications industry, we needed to upgrade our solution to handle even larger volumes of data and transactions,” said Atzmon Hen-tov, vice president of research and development at Pontis. “MapR-DB, combined with the MapR Distribution, provides us with the performance boost and reliability to handle an unlimited number of customers and an infinite amount of customer events. In fact, the Pontis solution is operational 24x7, enabling us to work with some of the biggest telecommunications businesses around the world.”

With industry-leading speeds, MapR Database was benchmarked using OpenTSDB to ingest over 100 million data points per second on only four nodes, giving customers a way to quickly load data to power real-time, data-driven applications at scale.

“MapR eliminated the overhead of managing separate environments for NoSQL and Hadoop, allowing us to run our system much more efficiently,” said Scott Russmann, director of software development, Solutionary (an NTT Group security company). “MapR-DB is a powerful, yet simplified solution for managing all our data in one place which lets us quickly analyze and act on collected business information.”


MapR-DB in the MapR Community Edition is available for download here.

MapR will showcase its top-ranked distribution for Apache Hadoop and MapR Database NoSQL key-value database at Strata Conference + Hadoop World, New York, in Booth #211.

*"The Forrester WaveTM:, NoSQL Key-Value Databases, Q3 2014_. Copyright (c) 2014, Forrester Research, Inc._


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