MapR Announces Partner Program to Expand Use of Hadoop

June 29, 2011

MapR Technologies, Inc., today announced the MapR Advantage Partner Program. The Program, created to enable diverse organizations within the Hadoop community expand their reach, ultimately helps customers leverage big data analytics through integrated access to MapR's next generation distribution for Apache Hadoop.

"MapR is committed to expanding the Hadoop community. The MapR Advantage Partner Program unites a strong ecosystem from diverse companies and organizations to facilitate innovation, growth and compatibility," said John Schroeder, CEO and Co-Founder, MapR Technologies. "MapR is only one piece of a larger community that is working together to enable and expand the use of Hadoop and we are thrilled to be a key player within this community."

Hadoop is quickly being recognized as a solution that relieves inefficiencies that were once huge constraints facing customers. The MapR Advantage Partner Program, alongside MapR's innovative solutions for Hadoop which were also unveiled today, provides products and services that further transform Hadoop into an easy, dependable and fast platform from which customers can easily get results.

MapR Advantage Partners include:

Concurrent, Inc:
"I believe enterprises have the most to gain from using Hadoop, but the Apache version hasn't fully delivered on that promise," noted Chris Wensel, CEO and Founder of Concurrent, Inc. "MapR is the first to make great strides towards this goal, and we believe using the Cascading API with a MapR foundation delivers on the full promise of Hadoop in the Enterprise. We are excited that MapR has chosen to ship key end-user open source tools from Concurrent with MapR, including Multitool, which allows users to search, find and process data files across a Hadoop cluster similar to sed and grep in Unix. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership."

"Hadoop is clearly becoming this generation's analytics engine for corporate users. Hadoop's combination of extreme scalability, compelling cost-effectiveness and the flexibility to analyze structured and unstructured data is rapidly replacing traditional ETL and BI solutions for big data analytics," commented Stefan Groschupf, CEO of Datameer. "MapR's distribution with their advances in data availability and recovery, mirroring and file systems means users get the key functionality they need for critical deployments. As the pioneering provider of Hadoop-based business intelligence, Datameer is very excited to be partnering with MapR to bring world-class analytics to corporate users."

Digital Reasoning:
"Analytics performance is critical to us and we have been very pleased with performance gains of MapR", said Matthew Russell, VP Engineering for Digital Reasoning, "but equally important have been the strong admin tools, ease of installation and code transparency with standard Hadoop. As a member of the MapR Advantage Partner program we look forward to bringing these performance and productivity savings to our growing customer base."

Drawn to Scale:
"Drawn to Scale is ecstatic to feature MapR as the preferred file system in Spire, its Data Platform as a Service. Spire is a SQL-based distributed database platform with real-time queries, fulltext search, and easy management at massive scale. MapR allows Spire to have unparalleled reliability, speed, and simple management. With MapR, we feel comfortable trusting our data storage in even the most demanding environments," said Bradford Stephens, CEO, Drawn to Scale.

"More than fifty percent of enterprises are using or considering Hadoop according to a recent Big Data in the enterprise study conducted by Ventana Research and sponsored by Cloudera and Karmasphere," said Martin Hall, EVP and co-founder, Karmasphere. "These companies will find value in the reliability and availability innovations of the MapR solution. Karmasphere is working with MapR to help these businesses get started with Hadoop and move from development to production with confidence."

"StackIQ is delighted to be working with MapR Technologies to support their next generation Hadoop distribution in our Rocks+ Big Data cluster automation platform." said Joe Markee, CEO of StackIQ. "This technology combination drastically speeds the deployment and provisioning of Hadoop clusters, so you can have your MapReduce application running in minutes."

Think Big Analytics:
"Hadoop is quickly becoming a major data platform for the enterprise," said Ron Bodkin, CEO and co-founder, Think Big Analytics. "We see MapR as an innovator that's investing heavily in Hadoop technology to improve capabilities and functionality. We're very excited to see MapR's level of investment in the Hadoop platform and are excited to be part of the MapR Advantage Partner Program."

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