MapR Technologies Announces Availability of the Industry's Easiest, Fastest and Most Dependable Distribution for Apache Hadoop

June 29, 2011

Free version of MapR now available

MapR Technologies, Inc., today announced significant and innovative breakthroughs in the world of Hadoop big data software, unveiling its unmatched enterprise-ready software. The MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop provides 2 to 5 times performance improvements and brings unprecedented dependability to MapReduce analytics. In addition to its radical ease-of-use capabilities, the MapR Distribution for Apache Hadoop enables customers to reduce their required hardware costs by half, making it possible for more organizations to harness the power of big data analytics for competitive advantage. The MapR Distribution includes popular open-source community tools and capabilities such as Hbase™, Hive, Cascading and Zookeeper, among others, and is available for download here.

"This is a major advancement for Hadoop users everywhere because these innovations will allow more people to use the power of big data analytics for a range of applications. MapR has managed to innovate on performance, cost reduction, dependability and ease-of-use all at once," said Julie Lockner, Senior Analyst & VP, Data Management from the Enterprise Strategy Group. "Both small departmental applications and larger operational deployments will benefit from these advanced data management features opening up opportunities for significant market growth."

"MapR has built-in features for disaster protection and data protection," said Michael Brown, CTO of comScore. "The ease-of-use features mean developers and administrators love working with the product. MapR is the best distribution for the enterprise."

MapR Technologies announced the immediate availability of two distributions:

  • The MapR M3 Edition, free for an unlimited number of nodes, is a complete distribution that includes core performance, ease of use and dependability breakthroughs. MapR M3 is aimed at users of both small and large environments who can benefit from the cost reduction, dependability and ease of use that MapR ensures each of its users.
  • The MapR M5 Edition, which offers a robust feature set, including JobTracker, Distributed NameNode and NFS high availability; data protection including Snapshot and Mirroring capabilities, and 24X7 support.

    MapR Technologies' industry firsts include:

  • No Single Points of Failure: No single points of failure exist throughout the entire system. This includes JobTracker, Distributed NameNode, resulting in the industry's first completely dependable distribution.

  • Direct Access NFS: Allows customers to use the standard and complete NFS protocol to simply deposit or withdraw data directly to the cluster – dramatically easing the process of getting data in and out of the cluster.
  • Mirroring and Snapshots: These capabilities allow for 'built-in' backup and de-duplication while also enabling point-in-time recovery – another industry first.
  • The MapR Heatmap: This feature allows customers to graphically administer vast numbers of nodes and other resources in both small and large clusters.
  • Lockless Storage Services: Specifically designed for Hadoop and big data, MapR provides "lockless" storage services that enable full random read/write operations across multiple readers and writers.

"This is the result of listening to a large number of customers, partners and the community about where Hadoop needed major investments to engineer the innovations and breakthroughs that could make a real contribution to advancing and growing the entire market. Our team has been diligently focused on bringing that value to the market and has delivered a great set of value-add which have benefited our early users. We are excited to introduce our products to the market and to being an innovative leader in the Hadoop community," said John Schroeder, CEO of MapR Technologies.

In addition to unveiling the MapR M3 Edition and MapR M5 Edition, MapR also today announced the MapR Advantage Partner Program. The Program includes a diverse set of organizations within the Hadoop community that are aligning to help customers maximize big data analytics through MapR's next generation distribution for Apache Hadoop.


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