Xactly Enhances Speed and Reliability of Leading Cloud Incentive Management Platform with MapR Technologies’ Distribution for Hadoop

October 07, 2013

MapR Technologies, Inc., the Hadoop technology leader, today announced that Xactly, the leading provider of cloud-based incentive and sales performance management solutions, has deployed the MapR Distribution for Hadoop to deliver unparalleled performance and innovation for its customers.

Behind general employee salaries, variable sales compensation is often one of the biggest line items for any company. It is also one of the most crucial and complex processes to manage. As Xactly’s business continues to flourish – rapidly growing to billions of transactions per month - its traditional technology platform could not cost-effectively keep up with its future growth trajectory. As such, Xactly decided to implement Hadoop within its IT infrastructure to effectively and efficiently scale to meet its growth demands and embarked on a comprehensive review of available technologies, including MapR.

“Right from the start, we saw that MapR had a very different mentality. They knew what it meant to operate Hadoop in a transactional production data center and understood that this was not an academic exercise; it was mission-critical to our business,” said Ron Rasmussen, VP of engineering, Xactly Corporation. “We’re running customer data and billions of transactions through our systems architecture 24x7, worldwide. Our customers demand high performance and the system software background of the MapR team was a major differentiator.”

MapR’s enterprise features were very important to Xactly. “MapR understands what an enterprise needs. Compatibility with industry standards, reliability, resiliency and the breadth and depth of technical support were all essential. MapR’s high performance solution is also far more efficient and cost-effective. Now we can do something on a 10-node cluster that might have required a 20-node cluster from a different Hadoop vendor,” added Rasmussen.

Today, MapR has become a core part of Xactly’s product architecture, enabling them to deliver service and value to its hundreds of customers in an entirely new way. With MapR’s enterprise features, scalability and superior performance, Xactly has a cost-effective way to develop and deliver new offerings.

“The new data paradigm provided by MapR allowed us to perform data science at scale. We can iterate through our new insights algorithms much faster. Queries that used to take hours for our data science team now take minutes to process. With this level of performance we can provide not only industry-leading deep analytics but also the new groundbreaking Xactly Insights™ and benchmarking solutions so a customer can see how it performs compared to others in similar industries,” said Rasmussen.

“Data, not technology, is driving how businesses consume new advances in technology solutions. Xactly and other SaaS companies are leading this transformation focusing on using technology to enable business advantage for their customers,” said Jack Norris, chief marketing officer, MapR Technologies. “It is gratifying that we can partner with Xactly to establish new levels of enterprise-grade scale, performance, reliability and ease of use for Hadoop.”


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