MapR Customer: Cardlytics

Cardlytics: Pioneer of the Global Card-Linked Marketing Industry

Cardlytics is the advertising & technology company that pioneered Card-Linked Marketing. Cardlytics targets ads to millions of individual consumers based on their recent purchase behavior. Through partnerships with nearly 400 banks, including Bank of America, PNC Bank and Lloyds Banking Group, the company has insight into consumer spending across all stores and categories for 70% of US households. This insight reveals a Whole-Wallet perspective that tells advertisers where their customers shop outside of their stores. Thousands of advertisers use Cardlytics’ patented technology to reach consumers with relevant messages without personally identifiable information ever leaving the bank. Cardlytics is headquartered in Atlanta, with offices in London, New York and San Francisco. The company is funded by leading investors in Boston, New York and Silicon Valley, as well as a strategic investment from the world’s leading loyalty company, Aimia.

"As a financial and audience marketing company, data is what we do at Cardlytics. MapR is a strategic partner in our plans for company growth. This [the Spyglass Initiative] will be a key enabler for us to monitor and maintain our growing list of mission-critical Hadoop and Apache stack systems and ensure we meet the data delivery expectations of our customers."

- Bret Lowery, Technical Director, Data and Architecture, Cardlytics

"Cardlytics is innovating how enterprises can leverage consumer spend behaviour. Apache Drill will enable us to efficiently analyze large amount of data quickly and provide perishable relevant information to our customers in massive volumes. Apache Drill on the MapR Distribution helps to deliver those capabilities cost effectively on our Hadoop platform, along with the scale and performance we require for our growing data insights capabilities."

- Michael Fabacher, VP Data Architecture/Development, Cardlytics

"Michael Fabacher's team did a bake-off between four SQL-on-Hadoop tools before selecting Drill to aid with the analytics.
'None of them could support everything we wanted,' Fabacher said, pointing to the relative newness of the technologies. But he gave credit to MapR for working with Cardlytics to add specific SQL functionality that the company required, including window functions for gathering values from a set of rows in a data store, automatic partitioning of data to boost query performance and new types of joins."

Source: Search Data Management, July 31, 2015, "SQL on Hadoop tools help users navigate enterprise Hadoop course"

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SQL on Hadoop tools help users navigate enterprise Hadoop course