MapR Customer: Cisco

Cisco IT built a Big Data Platform to transform data management and provide big data analytics services to Cisco business teams. Cisco used MapR for their enterprise Hadoop architecture to unlock hidden business intelligence of their globally distributed large data sets, including structured and unstructured information, while also providing service-level agreements (SLAs) for internal customers. The complete infrastructure solution let Cisco analyze service sales opportunities in 1/10 the time, at 1/10 the cost; generated $40 million in incremental service bookings in the current fiscal year; and yielded a multi-tenant enterprise platform while delivering immediate business value.

“We are building an advanced Hadoop platform at Cisco IT that enables hundreds of Cisco internal users to analyze big data. Drill 1.0 raises the bar for secure, reliable and scalable SQL-on-Hadoop, while integrating with existing data virtualization and visualization tools. We expect Drill to improve adoption of self-service data exploration and large-scale BI queries on Hadoop at Cisco.” -- Piyush Bhargava, Distinguished Engineer, IT, Cisco Systems

"MapR has created a more robust and feature-rich version of Hadoop and we found MapR has a lot of advantages for us." -- John Conley, Cisco’s Threat Research, Analysis and Communications (TRAC) team

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How Cisco IT Built Big Data Platform to Transform Data Management