MapR Customer: Cision

Cision : Market Leader in PR Software and Media Tools

Cision is the market leader in PR software and media tools and the world’s leading source of media contacts and information. Cision chose MapR because of its ability to help them scale their business more flexibly, efficiently and cost-effectively. MapR is also empowering Cision to provide new offerings to their customers—moving from serving data to offering insights and recommendations.

"After outgrowing our SQL solution, we evaluated Hadoop solutions for six months and chose MapR to help us manage our growing volume of data. Scaling with MapR is now a simple 'Wash. Rinse. Repeat.' process instead of a long complex project with worries about bottlenecks and compatibility issues. I can scale linearly by popping up new servers in hours not months. This is a game changer for us." -- Greg Stam, Senior Vice President of Global Software Engineering for Cision

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Cision Scales their Business and Opens New Opportunities with MapR Solution Read