MapR Customer: comScore

comScore: Digital Marketing Intelligence Provider

Mike Brown, CTO of comScore, talks about MapR


comScore uses Hadoop to process over 1.7 trillion internet and mobile records per month, providing syndicated and custom digital marketing intelligence. comScore selected MapR for its Hadoop distribution due to MapR’s unique high availability features and greater performance and scalability.

"HDFS is great internally, but to get data in and out of Hadoop, you have to do some kind of HDFS export. With MapR, you can just mount [HDFS] as NFS and then use native tools whether they’re in Windows, Unix, Linux or whatever. NFS allowed our enterprise systems to easily access the data in the cluster."

- Mike Brown, CTO for comScore

"We are very excited about the capabilities that Drill will bring into the Hadoop ecosystem. Having the ability to process trillions of rows of structured and unstructured data with low latency response times will allow us to provide new and exciting analytics to our clients when they need them."

- Will Duckworth, SVP for comScore

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