MapR Customer: Ingenico

Ingenico chooses MapR to enable digital transformation supporting billions of electronic payments

As part of the trend toward consolidation within the payment processing sector, Ingenico is expanding its presence internationally through several acquisitions, including TechProcess, Bambora, Paymark, Airlink, and IECISA. The enlarged group needed to integrate and consolidate multiple data systems into a single platform to serve as the foundational data layer for its payment processing systems, which handle 5.1 billion transactions across 300 payment types in 170 countries.

"This data simplification has allowed us to shift the focus from platform capacity to business and functional goals. MapR empowers us to implement the changes we've been eager to make. In business today, as they say, vision without execution is just an illusion."

- Frédéric Delhalle, Retail Director of Strategy and Architecture for Ingenico

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Ingenico Chooses MapR to Enable Digital Transformation Supporting Billions of Electronic Payments. Read the Press Release


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