MapR Customer: IRI

The MapR solution has provided IRI with a cost-effective and flexible platform to support their anticipated growth. They’ve been able to build a fully functional production system in only six months. The new system has been able to speed up processing time while reducing mainframe load. As a result, IRI is able to save more than $1.5 million annually.

IRI has also discovered the perfect platform for its future growth. Hadoop is not only saving IRI money, it also provides a flexible platform that can easily scale to meet future corporate growth.

"We looked at traditional warehouse technologies, but Hadoop was by far the most cost effective solution. Within Hadoop we investigated all the main distributions and various hardware options before settling on MapR on a Cisco UCS (Unified Computing System) cluster."

- Trevor Mason, Vice President for Technology Research at IRI

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IRI is saving $1.5 million per year by using MapR to speed up performance and reduce the mainframe load.