MapR Customer: Kobo

Kobo sells world-class E Ink eReaders, Google-certified Android tablets, and free eReading applications for the most popular smartphones and tablets. Based in Toronto and owned by the Tokyo-based eCommerce company Rakuten, Kobo also offers one of the largest eBookstores with more than four million titles to customers in 190 countries, across 71 languages.

Kobo uses the MapR Platform as their central data hub. The ability to store virtually unlimited amounts of data opened new opportunities for their business. The shift from their SQL Server solution to a MapR solution has greatly increased performance as well. Kobo’s ability to process data has significantly improved—what used to take days can now be done in hours, and in some cases, minutes.

A cost-effective solution like MapR enables Kobo to compete on a much larger scale than they could otherwise. “We don’t need that much hardware because it’s much more efficient. Kobo’s cluster manages several hundred tera- bytes of data. It’s very cost effective,” Dr. Inmar Givoni, Head of Research and Data Science, Big Data, Kobo says.

"When you compare Kobo to Kindle, we’re a much smaller company. Through the power of MapR, we can act much bigger and be a more powerful entity than we could be otherwise."

- Dr. Inmar Givoni, Head of Research and Data Science, Big Data, Kobo

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MapR Enables Kobo to Continuously and Cost-Effectively Enhance Its eReader and Website Offerings