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MapR Customer: Liaison Technologies

Liaison Technologies provides cloud-based solutions to help organizations integrate, manage and secure data across the enterprise. With their MapR solution, Liaison can offer a robust, secure, enterprise-grade framework for cloud-based data management services to their customers. No matter what the requirement, Liaison is confident about its ability to deliver. "The MapR/Cisco platform allows us to choose the best tool for our customer’s use case," says Brad Anderson, Vice President, Big Data Informatics at Liaison.

"In traditional environments, if you’re using Hadoop for data analysis and it’s down a day, that’s not a disaster," says Anderson. "For us, our Hadoop environment is mission-critical. We simply can’t have downtime."

"MapR gives us iron-clad security for our multi-tenant cloud-based services…. MapR makes it easier to demonstrate streamlined compliance with enterprise-grade features than if we had to build the same functionality into another distribution."

-Brad Anderson, Vice President, Big Data Informatics at Liaison

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