MapR Customer: MAG45

MAG45 Cuts New Customer On-boarding Time by 50% with MapR Data Lake Solution

One of the company’s biggest challenges was being able to manage and access the product data of more than five million products from over 3000 suppliers. The non-standardized product data could not be easily managed in traditional SQL databases so storage and retrieval was challenging and time consuming. Without the current MapR solution, matching customer data to the MAG45 database is a very manual process. This manual process was not scalable given the enormous amount of data.

MAG45 hired Amsterdam-based MapR partner Anchormen to help them develop a Cisco-based big data solution. Anchormen recommended MapR optimized for Cisco UCS to consolidate all of MAG45’s data into a Hadoop-based data lake. This enables MAG45 to store and retrieve the semi-structured data from their suppliers and make it available for sourcing in a controlled and fully automated process. MAG45 trusted the Anchormen/MapR/Cisco partnership. They chose the MapR Platform for its stability, scalability, embedded security, and the ease of integrating new data sources using NFS.

"We can reduce the time needed to implement new customer supply chains by 50 percent. And because we have more insight into our own data, we expect to achieve savings in our supply chain and our procurement cost. This will result in improved services and TCO for our customers."

-Laurent Chavagne Director Business Innovation, MAG45

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MapR Data Lake Solution Cuts New Customer On-boarding Time by 50%