MapR Customer: Outbrain

Outbrain Powers Content Delivery Platform with MapR

Outbrain's business operates 24/7 and needs to be agile to meet market demands. As their business grew, Outbrain added a significant amount of data. Their previous system was unable to scale and maintain availability and performance requirements as the data volume increased. They needed more agility to refine its algorithms quickly to meet changing business needs.

Outbrain chose the MapR Converged Data Platform as it resolved Outbrain's two major pain points: resiliency and performance. "On the resiliency side, MapR recovered flawlessly without any intervention from Outbrain, which was big for us," says Yaron. "Other technologies required manual intervention to come back online." There was also a 15% improvement in performance with MapR when compared with other technologies. Faster queries allow Outbrain to process more data resulting in a better customer experience. The solution also allowed Outbrain to take advantage of other cutting edge technologies such as Apache Spark and ORC giving the Engineers more tools to work with.

"When you're working with cutting edge technology like MapR, you are able to be innovative. That's a big benefit for the culture from a human perspective. It impacts teamwork and effort, helping us attract and retain the best talent."
--Orit Yaron, Vice President Cloud Platform, Outbrain

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