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MapR Customer: Quantium

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When expertly harnessed and strategically applied, data can be transformational. Quantium offers a 15-year track record of innovation in data science. Quantium combines the best of human and artificial intelligence to power possibilities for individuals, organisations and society. Quantium works with iconic brands in over 20 countries, partnering on their greatest challenges and unlocking breakthrough opportunities.

Quantium selected the MapR Distribution including Hadoop to improve its ability to perform analysis on large volumes of data without having to spend time restructuring the data. The company’s selection criteria included the ability to gain faster time to market at a reduced cost, improve analytic performance, enable real-time ad-hoc queries, and perform security management and audits. Additional required capabilities included:

  • Real-time analytical queries with low latency query response (usually under 50ms) to support live interactive systems.
  • Automated large processing tasks to facilitate fast query execution and data retrieval in an interactive environment. This includes everything from large-scale processing of unstructured data to generating client reports for Quantium CheckOut®, a tool developed to provide a rich understanding of shopper behavior as well as in-depth analysis of category, brand and product performance.
  • Ad-hoc queries and analysis that facilitates both ad-hoc analysis for clients and experimentation leading to the development and innovation of new products.

"The core of our business rests on our ability to perform complex analytics on large data sets to derive business insights. Relative to other available Hadoop distributions, MapR is expected to provide higher level performance, more fine-grained control of data segregation, and better reliability."

- Greg Schneider, Director at Quantium

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