MapR Customer: RiskIQ

RiskIQ Cuts Capex and Opex in Half with MapR

RiskIQ scans, analyzes and stores entire websites, mobile app stores and social media outlets across the entire internet. As the volume of data they were collecting and sophistication of security threats grew, RiskIQ wanted to be able to provide their clients with faster and more comprehensive threat detection. The challenge was the volume of data they were collecting was becoming so large that they needed an entirely new system that could analyze the data in an economical way. RiskIQ was able to keep costs down by building the new data analysis use case on top of their existing MapR cluster. "We continue to use the cluster as a production file system while, at the same time, we’ve built an entire warehouse using the same infrastructure for a very small price point," says Chris Kiernan, Chief Technology Officer, RiskIQ.

"We have been able to cut Capex and Opex in half. We would have had to pay twice as much to build a vanilla Hadoop cluster. If we had built this in Cloudera, we would have needed separate clusters for production and analytics. It wouldn’t be a dual-purpose system."

- Chris Kiernan, Chief Technology Officer at RiskIQ

"In my previous job, I worked with vanilla Hadoop, and the cluster did go down. That’s just not acceptable. We’ve never had that issue with MapR. We love it. It’s rock solid. We don’t see performance degradation no matter what we do to the cluster and upgrades are seamless."

- Adam Hunt, Chief Data Scientist at RiskIQ

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RiskIQ Provides Faster and More Advanced Security Threat Detection Using the MapR Platform


RiskIQ Provides More Advanced Security Threat Detection Using the MapR Platform