MapR Customer: unbelievableMachine

The unbelievable Machine Company (*um), a specialist in cloud computing and big data, is using the MapR Distribution as part of their cloud-based service, called *umDMR (Dynamic MapReduce). The innovative *umDMR for Hadoop in the cloud allows the dynamic creation of Hadoop clusters from 1 to n nodes via an API or simple command line scripts. The solution includes a wide variety of standard open source packages including Hive, Pig and HBase and uses a cost effective "billed by resources used" model within the wider *umCloud environment.

"The MapR Distribution including Hadoop offers numerous advantages, including scalability for managing extreme data volumes, minimal outage risk with 24/7 use, and real-time processing at world-record speeds. We have been working with MapR since 2012, and use its technology as part of our *umDMR cloud services."

-- Ravin Mehta, Founder and CEO, Unbelievable Machine