MapR Google Cloud Platform

MapR Google Cloud Platform

If you’re working with big data, you need a reliable and scalable compute, storage and network infrastructure, along with an enterprise-grade Hadoop distribution. Google and MapR have partnered together to make it easy for you to provision your Hadoop clusters on Google Cloud Platform. MapR is fully integrated with Google Compute Engine (GCE) framework , so you can quickly deploy a MapR cluster with ready access to Google Cloud Storage. Use Google Compute Engine and MapR to perform fast, insight-yielding fast queries, while also benefiting from increased scalability and greater stability for running Hadoop in the cloud.

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Stay Ahead of the Competition
MapR has been recognized as the top-ranked Hadoop distribution, top-ranked NoSQL key-value database and highest rated SQL-on-Hadoop solution. Need record-breaking performance in order to stay two steps ahead of your competition? MapR crushed the world record for MinuteSort using Google Compute Engine. Simply put, MinuteSort is a standard benchmark test that measures how much data a system can sort in just one minute. This means you can now directly benefit from the world-record performance of MapR on Google Compute Engine and translate that into genuine business value for your organization.

Get Valuable Insights Fast so You Can Drive Customer Engagement
By leveraging the powerful combination of MapR and Google Compute Engine, you’ll be able to gain actionable insights and:

  • Easily access and mine data from Google Cloud Storage
  • Accurately detect behavior and search patterns to deliver more personalized, relevant experiences to your customers
  • Improve ad clicks and conversions, driving engagement with your customers

Quickly Provision Your Hadoop Clusters Based on Your Needs and Budget
With Google Compute Engine and the MapR Distribution, you can quickly provision Hadoop clusters on demand and benefit from the flexibility, agility and scalability of a cloud-based Hadoop solution:

  • Scale Flexibility: Provision only the amount of resources you need with elastic clusters that scale up or down to meet your data processing needs.
  • Speed and Performance: Launch clusters quickly, easily adjust cluster configuration and leverage world-record performance from MapR for the best ROI.
  • No upfront investment and low ongoing costs: only pay for what you use.

It’s Easy to Install MapR on Google Cloud Platform MapR has made available a simple set of scripts leveraging Google Cloud utilities (gcutil) to deploy standard clusters in a matter of minutes. Simply download the git archive to your system

  1. git clone and then deploy the cluster
  2. cd gce
  3. ./ --cluster GCEtest --mapr-version 4.0.2 --config-file 4node_yarn.lst \ --image centos-6 --machine-type n1-standard-4 —persistent-disks 1x256

You have complete control over the cluster services (using the —config-file examples and the different instance types and storage capacity. The above command is a simple example for a 4-node YARN cluster with 1 TB of total persistent storage, which is an ideal size for evaluating the MapR Distribution including Hadoop.

Free Community Edition

Download the free, Community Edition of the MapR Distribution including Hadoop, with unlimited use.

MapR Sandbox

Get started right away with the MapR Sandbox, our fully functional Hadoop cluster running in a virtual machine.

Top 10 Reasons why Companies Choose MapR

  1. High Availability
  2. World Record Peformance
  3. Ease of Data Integration
  4. Real Multi-tenancy
  5. Complete Data Protection
  6. Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  7. Enterprise-Grade NoSQL*
  8. Unbiased Open Source
  9. Read-Write File System
  10. Enterprise Grade Security