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Learn how to solve problems using the MapR Converged Data Platform. You will be directed step-by-step to build solutions for real-life problems. The tutorials cover technologies and components such as MapR Database, MapR-Event-Streaming, MapR XD, Apache Spark and Apache Drill.

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Learn to Code with MapR

Learn to Code with MapR

This collection of how-tos and videos focuses on technical topics related to the MapR Converged Data Platform. We have whiteboard walkthroughs to discuss and explain important concepts. You will also find how-to videos and coding sessions in this selected video list.

How-tos and Sample Code
Community Plugins

Community Plugins

This collection of plugins and libraries shows how-to use MapR APIs to create reusable components for your application.

Community Plugins
MapR in Action

MapR in Action

See the MapR Converged Data Platform in action. Our demos will showcase critical MapR features as well as demonstrate cutting edge solutions.

MapR Demos Videos
Blog Posts

MapR Blog Posts

We have selected blog posts that provide in-depth technical discussion about various topics. You will find technical blog posts that talk about technical nuances about how to differentiate between similar technologies. We have also included blog posts about how to solve real-life problems for your business.

Developer Blog Posts
Whiteboard Walkthroughs

Understanding the Key Concepts: Whiteboard Walkthroughs

There are several ways you can get started with MapR. You can try out the entire MapR Converged Data Platform or separately try out Hadoop, Spark, Drill, or MapR Database.

We have whiteboard walkthroughs to discuss and explain important concepts.

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MapR Platform Release History

See the original release dates and end-of-life (EOL) dates for MapR Software Releases and Products.

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Access all of the technical documentation needed to create applications and use the MapR Converged Data Platform. Find information for the latest version of the MapR Converged Data Platform and all of the MapR Ecosystem Packages.

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