MapR 5.1 is at End of Life (EOL) and no longer supported. Please see the latest documentation. This documentation is not being updated.
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This section contains an overview of the MapR software, information on the MapR Sandbox for Hadoop, and the MapR 5.1 Release notes..
This section provides information for installing with or without (manual) the MapRInstaller, installing patches, upgrading, and migrating.
This section contains administration information such as managing your cluster, data, users, jobs and security information such as configuring your security environment and auditing.
This section provides information about development content including MapR-FS and MapReduce development topics and reference content.
This section covers the MapR-DB, MapR-Streams, and MapR-Gateways features. Each feature may contain both administrator and developer topics.
This guide contains a section for each open source project that MapR supports. You can learn how to install, configure, use, and integrate each project within the context of a MapR cluster.
This section provides links to MapR content that are release-independent including: The MapR Installer, Interoperability Matrix, Ecosystem release notes, security vulnerabilities, previous documentation release and other resources.