MapR with Ganglia

The CLDB reports metrics about its own load, as well as cluster-wide metrics such as CPU and memory utilization, the number of active FileServer nodes, the number of volumes created, and other cluster activity. For a complete list of metrics, see Service Metrics.

MapRGangliaContext collects and sends CLDB metrics, FileServer metrics, and cluster-wide metrics to Gmon or Gmeta, depending on the configuration. On the Ganglia front end, these metrics are displayed separately for each FileServer by hostname. To monitor MapR metrics and services with Ganglia:

  1. Install the ganglia monitor on CLDB nodes to collect all the metrics required for monitoring a MapR cluster.
  2. To monitor other services such as HBase and MapReduce, install Gmon on nodes running the services and configure them as you normally would.

The Ganglia properties for the cldb and fileserver contexts are configured in the file $INSTALL_DIR/conf/ Any changes to this file require a CLDB restart.