Removing a Role

The following steps describe how to remove a role from a node:
Note: Do not use these steps to remove the CLDB, ZooKeeper, or Fileserver role from a node.
  1. If you are removing the NFS role, unmount any existing client mounts.
    Removing the NFS role from a node affects any Virtual IP (VIP) pools that include this node.
  2. Stop the service for the role you want to remove, either through the MapR Control System (MCS) or by issuing a maprcli command:
    % maprcli node services -name <service_name> -action stop -nodes <node-name>

    The following example stops the webserver role on node "my-node":

    % maprcli node services -name webserver -action stop -nodes my-node
  3. Purge the role packages with the apt-get, yum, or zypper commands, depending on your operating system.
  4. Run -R on the node where you removed the role.
    Warden picks up the new configuration automatically.
  5. Issue the following command to restart Warden on the node where you removed the role:
    % service mapr-warden restart