Metrics Collected

The following table provides a list of metrics that can be collected:



Number of FileServers

Number of Volumes

Number of Containers

Cluster Disk Space Used GB

Cluster Disk Space Available GB

Cluster Disk Capacity GB

Cluster Memory Capacity MB

Cluster Memory Used MB

Cluster Cpu Busy %

Cluster Cpu Total

Number of FS Container Failure Reports

Number of Client Container Failure Reports

Number of FS RW Container Reports

Number of Active Container Reports

Number of FS Volume Reports

Number of FS Register

Number of container lookups

Number of container assign

Number of container corrupt reports

Number of rpc failed

Number of rpc received

FS Disk Used GB

FS Disk Available GB

Cpu Busy %

Memory Total MB

Memory Used MB

Memory Free MB

Network Bytes Received

Network Bytes Sent