Specifying MySQL Parameters to MapR

On each node in the cluster that has the mapr-metrics package installed, specify your MySQL database parameters in one of the following ways:
  • To specify the MySQL database parameters from the command line, run the configure.sh script:
    # configure.sh -R -d <host>:<port> -du <database username> -dp <database password> -ds metrics
  • To specify the MySQL database parameters from the MapR Control System (MCS), click Navigation > System Settings > Metrics to display the Configure Metrics Database dialog. In the URL field, enter the hostname and port of the machine running the MySQL server. In the Username and Password fields, enter the username and password of the MySQL user. Schema is set to metrics by default.

    Note: The username you provide must have full permissions when logged in from any node in the cluster. When you change the Metrics configuration information from the initial settings, you must restart the hoststats service on each node that reports Metrics data. You can restart the hoststats service with the command maprcli node services -name hoststats -action restart.