Generating a Cross-Cluster Ticket

(For mirroring between secure clusters only) If the source volume at the primary datacenter is in a secure cluster, the destination cluster needs authorization to pull data from the source cluster in order to create a mirror volume. Authorization is granted by means of a cross-cluster ticket generated by the source cluster administrator. Each step in the process is explained below:
  1. (Source cluster administrator) Define a new service user in the source cluster’s UNIX user registry. One way to do this is with the adduser or useradd command (as appropriate for your operating system). For example:
    # useradd mirror-user
  2. (Source cluster administrator) Generate a cross-cluster ticket for the user you created in step 1. This command can be run from any node in the source cluster. The input ticket file specified by -inmaprserverticketfile is the source cluster’s server ticket, which is located at /opt/mapr/conf/maprserverticket. The output ticket file, specified by -ticketfile, contains the cross-cluster ticket.
    Cluster1> maprcli security getmaprclusterticket -clusterusername mirror-user -inmaprserverticketfile /opt/mapr/conf/maprserverticket -ticketfile /opt/mapr/conf/maprclusterticket
  3. (Source cluster administrator) Provide the cross-cluster ticket to the destination cluster administrator.
  4. (Destination cluster administrator) Append the cross-cluster ticket file (located at /opt/mapr/conf/maprclusterticket) to the maprserverticket (located at /opt/mapr/conf/maprserverticket) on the destination cluster.
  5. (Destination cluster administrator) Copy the ticket file to all nodes in the destination cluster.