Configuring NodeManager Restart

To configure NodeManager restart, you must enable the NodeManager recovery and also specify a port that can be dedicated to run the NodeManager service.

  1. Add the following parameters to the yarn-site.xml on each NodeManager node:
    • Set yarn.nodemanager.recovery.enabled to true.
    • Set yarn.nodemanager.address to include a port that is dedicated to run the NodeManager on this node.
    • Optionally, set yarn.nodemanager.recovery.dir to a different recovery directory for this node. By default, the recovery directory is set to$hadoop.tmp.dir/yarn-nm-recovery which resolves to tmp/hadoop-mapr/nm-local-dir/yarn-nm-recovery. See the following example configuration:
  2. Restart the NodeManager Service. For more information, see Starting, Stopping, and Restarting Services.