Enabling Features for Read-Write Support

After upgrading a cluster to Version 5.0, fully enable support for read-write mirrors (promotable mirrors) by setting both of the following parameters to 1 (true). Use the maprcli config save -values command to set these parameters.

Parameter Default Value Enables/Disables
mfs.feature.rwmirror.support 1 (true) for Versions 5.0, 4.1, and 4.0.2 0 (false) for earlier versions Support for the read-write mirror feature (promotable mirrors)
mfs.feature.volume.upgrade 0 (false) Ability to upgrade old-type volumes so they can be used as read-write mirrors
If you prefer to allow only new volumes to be promotable, you can leave mfs.feature.volume.upgrade set to 0 (false). You cannot enable mfs.feature.volume.upgrade if mfs.feature.rwmirror.support is disabled.