Specifying Volume Inheritance

A volume is mounted on a mount point. When creating and mounting a volume, the location of the mount point can be specified using the path parameter. The volume that is last in the path parameter is referred to as the parent volume. (The parent volume is the volume on which the volume link is created.)

Volumes can be mounted via the web console, the maprcli commands (volume create or volume mount), or the REST commands. If the mount point is specified while creating a volume, new volumes can inherit properties from the parent volume. Mirror volumes can also inherit properties from source volume of the mirror.

Note: Volume inheritance is a convenience that can only be used during volume creation.

The maprcli volume modify command can be used to only change the volume inheritance settings of a volume. That is, you can toggle the flag (associated with allowgrant) that indicates whether a volume, as a parent volume, wants its properties to be inherited by default or not.