Configuring the Disk Space Balancer

You can use the config save command to modify disk space balancer parameter values.

Example: # maprcli config save -values {"":"20"}

The following table lists the disk space balancer configuration parameters with their default values and descriptions:
Parameter Value Description
cldb.balancer.disk.threshold.percentage 70 Threshold for moving containers out of a given storage pool, expressed as utilization percentage.
cldb.balancer.disk.paused 1

Specifies whether the disk space balancer runs:

  • 0 - Not paused (normal operation)
  • 1 - Paused (does not perform any container moves) 10 This can be used to throttle the disk balancer. If it is set to 10, the balancer will throttle the number of concurrent container moves (minimum 1) to 10% of the total nodes in the cluster rounded up.