Specifying Environment Variables

A subset of the environment variables defined on the servers for the MapR cluster must be defined, with the same values, on the client. You can add environment variables directly to the startup script, or create a local env.sh file in /usr/local/mapr-loopbacknfs/conf. You cannot simply copy the env.sh file from a server node in the cluster because the MAPR_HOME setting would be different.

Complete the following steps to specify environment variables:

  1. On a server node in the MapR cluster, locate the env.sh file in the /opt/mapr/conf directory.
  2. Retrieve the MAPR_SUBNETS and JAVA_HOME settings from the server file and clone them to /usr/local/mapr-loopbacknfs/conf/env.sh on the client node.
  3. Change the JAVA_HOME setting to point to the location where Java is installed on the client.
  4. Add the following lines to the client node env.sh file:
    export MAPR_HOME=/usr/local/mapr-loopbacknfs 
    export MAPR_TICKETFILE_LOCATION=/usr/local/mapr-loopbacknfs/initscripts/mapr-loopbacknfs/longlived_ticket 
  5. Save and close the env.sh file.