Setting Up VIPs for NFS Using the MapR Control System

These instructions tell you how to set up VIPs for all network interfaces on all the nodes running the NFS Gateway service. The next group of instructions explains how to allocate separate pools of VIPs to specific subnets.
  1. In the Navigation pane, expand the NFS HA group and click the NFS Setup view.

  2. Click Add VIP to display the Add Virtual IP dialog.

  3. Enter the start of the VIP range in the Starting VIP field.

  4. Enter the end of the VIP range in the Ending VIP field. If you are assigning only one VIP, you can leave the field blank.
  5. Enter the Netmask for the VIP range in the Netmask field. Example:
  6. (Optional) To assign a particular VIP address to a specific server or MAC address, select the checkbox next to Preferred MAC address and enter the MAC address for the network interface to be assigned to the listed VIP address. The remaining VIP addresses from the same pool are assigned randomly.
  7. Click OK to assign the VIPs and exit.
  8. (Optional) Confirm the actual VIP assignment by clicking on VIP Assignments. A display similar to the one below shows the individual VIP assignments made from the specified range of VIP addresses.