Creating a Volume for a User or Group

  1. In the Volumes view, click New Volume.
  2. In the New Volume dialog, set the volume attributes:
    1. In Volume Setup, type a volume name. Make sure the Volume Type is set to Normal Volume.
    2. In Ownership & Permissions, set the volume owner and specify the users and groups who can perform actions on the volume.
    3. In Usage Tracking, set the accountable group or user, and set a quota or advisory quota if needed.
    4. In Replication & Snapshot Scheduling, set the replication factor and choose a snapshot schedule.
  3. Click OK to save the settings.

See Managing Data with Volumes for more information. You can also create a volume using the volume create command.

You can see users and groups that own volumes in the User Disk Usage view or using the entity list command.