Viewing a List of Nodes

You can view all nodes using the node list command, or view them in the MapR Control System using the following procedure:

  1. In the Navigation pane, expand the Cluster group and click the Nodes view. The Nodes view contains two panes: the Topology pane and the Nodes pane. The Topology pane shows the racks in the cluster.
  2. Select a rack to display that rack's nodes in the Nodes pane to the right.
  3. Select Cluster to display all the nodes in the cluster.

    Clicking any column name sorts data in ascending or descending order by that column.

    Selecting the checkbox beside one node makes the following buttons available:

    • Properties - navigates to the Node Properties View, which displays detailed information about a single node.
    • Manage Services - displays the Manage Node Services dialog, which lets you start and stop services on the node.
    • Change Topology - displays the Change Node Topology dialog, which lets you change the topology path for a node.