Install a FUSE-Based POSIX Client

To install mapr-posix-client-* on your machine, where * refers to basic or platinum client package, perform the steps below for your version of Linux, as the root user or as sudo. The package is installed to the /opt/mapr/bin/ directory.

  1. Run the following command to install the POSIX client package on your machine.
    • For CentOS, RedHat, or Oracle Linux
      # yum install mapr-posix-client-*
    • For Suse
      # zypper install mapr-posix-client-*
    • For Ubuntu
      # sudo apt-get install mapr-posix-client-*
    Note: When you run the command, based on your license type, replace * with basic or platinum.
  2. Run to set this node as the client node.
    For example:
    /opt/mapr/server/ -N <clustername> -C <CLDBhost> -Z <ZooKeeperhost> -c -R
    Note: With the command, specify -c to set this node as the client node. If CLDB and Zookeeper hosts were specified earlier, then -R must also be specified with