Downloading and Configuring the Driver

To use the Drill JDBC driver with SQuirreL, complete the following steps:

  1. Download the Drill JDBC Driver and then unzip the file. The Drill JDBC Driver JAR files must exist in a directory on your machine before you can configure the driver in the SQuirreL client.
  2. Define the driver.
    1. Open the SQuirreL client.
    2. In the SQuirreL toolbar, select Drivers > New Driver. The Add Driver dialog appears.
    3. Enter the following information:
      • Name - Name for the Drill JDBC Driver
      • Example URL - jdbc:drill:zk=<zookeeper_quorum>

        Example: jdbc:drill:zk=maprdemo:5181

      • Website URL - jdbc:drill:zk=<zookeeper_quorum>

        Example: jdbc:drill:zk=maprdemo:5181

        Example: jdbc:drill:zk=,

    4. Select Extra Class Path, and click Add.
    5. Navigate to the directory that contains the JDBC JAR files.
    6. Select all of the files in the directory, and click Choose.
    7. In the Class Name drop-down field, select com.mapr.drill.jdbc41.Driver. Type com.mapr.drill.jdbc41.Driver in the field if the option does not appear.
    8. Click Ok. The SQuirreL client displays a message stating that the driver registration is successful, and you can see the driver in the Drivers panel.
  3. Create a database alias.
    1. Select the Aliases tab.
    2. In the SQuirreL toolbar, select Aliases > New Alias. The Add Alias dialog box appears.
    3. Enter the following information and click Ok.
      • Alias Name - A unique name for the Drill JDBC Driver alias
      • Driver - Select the Drill JDBC Driver
      • URL - Enter the connection URL with the name of the Drill directory stored in ZooKeeper and the cluster ID.
      • User Name - admin
      • Password - admin
      The Connect to: dialog appears.
    4. Click Connect. SQuirreL displays a message stating that the connection is successful.
    5. Click Ok. SQuirrel is connected to Drill through the Drill JDBC driver. You can run your queries.