Install Drill to Run Under Warden

Verify that your system meets the prerequisites listed below and then follow the instructions listed in Installing Drill to Run Under Warden to install the mapr-drill package on all nodes designated to run Drill under the MapR Warden service.


Before you install Drill, verify that the system meets the following prerequisites:

  • The MapR cluster is installed and running.
    Note: Installing Drill first can result in configuration issues.
  • The MapR and ecosystem repositories are configured. See the Configuring the Repository section below.

Refer to the Apache Drill Release Notes for a list of known issues.

Hive and HBase Support

Installation of a supported version of Hive and HBase is optional. Support differs, depending on the release. See the Drill Support Matrix.

Configuring the Repository

Use the operating system package managers to download and install from the MapR Repository. For instructions on setting up the ecosystem repository (which includes Drill ), see Using MapR's Internet Repository.