Installing Flume

Use the operating system package managers to download and install from the MapR Repository. For instructions on setting up the ecosystem repository (which includes Flume), see Preparing Packages and Repositories.
Execute the following commands as root or using sudo.
  1. Update the list of available packages:
    • On Ubuntu: apt-get update
    • On CentOS/Redhat: yum clean all
  2. On each planned Flume node, install mapr-flume:
    • On Ubuntu: apt-get install mapr-flume
    • On CentOS/Redhat: yum install mapr-flume
  3. If you want to integrate Flume with MapR Streams, install the Streams Client on each Flume node.
    • On Ubuntu:
       apt-get install mapr-kafka
    • On RedHat/CentOS:
      yum install mapr-kafka