Read or Write to MapR Streams using a Kafka Channel

Using a Kafka channel without a Flume sink or Flume source is more reliable; it also involves less code. A Kafka channel is also useful when you want to use one agent to store messages in a topic and then copy the messages to another type of sink.
Note: Do not use a Kafka Channel when you have the following requirements:
  • Maintain of the order of each event.
  • Read or write data from more than one topic.
  • Good performance. Writing messages to a topic with a Kafka sink can be twice as fast as a Kafka channel.
The following parameters are required when configuring Kafka channel to read or write data in MapR Streams:
Property Name Description
type This must be set to
kafka.topic A topic is specified with the volume path and stream name. For example: /volume_path/stream_name:topic_name1.
Note: It is critical that the path to the topic starts with a slash (/), as the slash is what distinguishes the topic as a MapR Streams topic as opposed to a Kafka topic.
kafka.pollTimeout The maximum amount of time in milliseconds the channel will wait for events if they are not available. The default is 500.
parseAsFlumeEvent This must be set to false if other channels or sinks write to the same topic.

For additional properties that you may want to configure for the Kafka channel, see the Flume documentation. Note that brokerList is not required when writing to MapR Streams.