Install HBase on a Client Node

The following instruction explain how to install HBase on a client node. When you install HBase on a client node, you can use the HBase shell from a machine outside the cluster.

Before you being, verify the following prerequisites:
  • The MapR client must be installed on the node where you install the HBase client.

    For MapR client setup instructions, see Setting Up the Client.

  • You must know the IP addresses or hostnames of the ZooKeeper nodes on the cluster.

Execute the following commands as root or using sudo.

  1. On the client computer, install mapr-hbase:
    CentOS or Red Hat
    yum install mapr-hbase
    apt-get install mapr-hbase
  2. On all HBase nodes, run with a list of the CLDB nodes and ZooKeeper nodes in the cluster.