Upgrading HttpFS

Note: If you installed HttpFS with the MapR Installer, use the latest version of the MapR Installer to perform the upgrade.

Complete the following steps to upgrade HttpFS:

  1. Update repositories or download packages.

    MapR's rpm and deb repositories always contain the HttpFS version recommended for the latest release of the MapR core. For more details on setting up repositories, see Preparing Packages and Repositories.

    • If you plan to install from a repository, update the repository cache on each node where HttpFS is installed:

      • RedHat/CentOS
        # yum clean all
      • SUSE
        # zypper refresh
      • Ubuntu
        # apt-get update
  2. Backup configuration files.

    If you have changed configuration properties, save configuration files to a backup location on all nodes where HttpFS is installed. For example, you may want to backup the following configuration files:

    • /opt/mapr/httpfs/httpfs-1.0/share/hadoop/httpfs/tomcat/webapps/webhdfs/WEB-INF/web.xml
    • /opt/mapr/httpfs/httpfs-1.0/share/hadoop/httpfs/tomcat/conf/server.xml
    • /opt/mapr/httpfs/httpfs-1.0/share/hadoop/httpfs/tomcat/conf/tomcat-users.xml
  3. Uninstall HttpFS and install a new HttpFS package.

    Run the following set of commands as root or with sudo:

    • RedHat/CentOS
      yum remove mapr-httpfs
      rm -rf /opt/mapr/httpfs/
      yum install mapr-httpfs
    • Ubuntu
      apt-get autoremove mapr-httpfs
      rm -rf /opt/mapr/httpfs/
      apt-get install mapr-httpfs
    • SUSE
      zypper remove mapr-httpfs
      rm -rf /opt/mapr/httpfs/
      zypper install mapr-httpfs
  4. Migrate HttpFS configuration.

    If you saved configuration files to a backup location, migrate the custom configuration settings from the backup location to the installation folder.

  5. Start HttpFS services.
    sudo -u mapr /opt/mapr/httpfs/httpfs-1.0/sbin/httpfs.sh start