Step 4: Setting up MapR-DB Binary Table Mapping

To use the Hue HBase application to access MapR-DB binary tables, you need to set the hbase.table.namespace.mappings property. This property allows you to map Apache HBase table names to MapR-DB tables. Set this property in the core-site.xml file as shown in Mapping Table Namespace Between Apache HBase Tables and MapR-DB Binary Tables.

In the following example, the hbase.table.namespace.mappings property is set so that any flat table name, such as mytable, is treated as a MapR-DB table in the directory /tables_dir/mytable.


Once you finish enabling table mapping in the core-site.xml file, start (or restart) the HBase thrift server so the changes will take effect.

maprcli node services -name hbasethrift -action start -nodes node001