Integrate Hue and ResourceManagers

If you run YARN applications, integrate Hue with the ResourceManager to view the status of applications in the Job Browser.

Note: If you installed Hue with the MapR Installer, steps 2-4 are not required as they are performed automatically.
  1. If high availability for the Resource Manager is not configured, set the default_jobtracker_host to the ResourceManager host and port in the desktop section.
  2. In the hadoop section, set webhdfs_url to be the node that runs HttpFS.
  3. In the yarn_clusters section within the hadoop section, set the submit_to value to True.
  4. In the mapred_clusters section, set the submit_to value to False.

YARN Example

# Set the default JobTracker host to maprfs to enable HA for JobTracker.
# If there is a standby JobTracker, it will be found automatically.
# In the event of failover, Hue will submit queries to the standby JobTracker.
# Use WebHdfs/HttpFs as the communication mechanism.
# This should be the web service root URL.
# The ip_address corresponds to the node running httpfs.
     # Enter the host on which you are running the ResourceManager
      # The port where the ResourceManager IPC listens on
      # Whether to submit jobs to this cluster
 # Whether to submit jobs to this cluster