Tablets are stored in containers in MapR-FS

MapR-FS stores data in abstract entities called containers that allow for random write access. Containers reside in storage pools, and each storage pool can store many containers. The default container size is 32GB. For more information about containers, see Containers and the CLDB.

Each tablet of a table, along with its corresponding write-ahead log (WAL) files, b-trees, and other associated structures, is stored in one container. Each container (which can be from 16 to 32 GB in size) can store more than one tablet (which default in size to 4096 MB). The recommended practice is to use the default size for tablets and allow them to be split automatically. Massive tablets can affect synchronization of containers and load balancing across a cluster. Smaller tablets spread data better across more nodes.

There are two important advantages to storing tablets in containers: MapR clusters are extremely scalable and provide exceptional high availability for your data.