Supported and Unsupported Methods in Connection (HBase 0.98 and higher)

This table indicates which methods MapR-DB supports in the HBase interface Connection.

The following methods are supported with HBase tables, except where noted. For full details about this interface, see Interface Connection.

Method Name Modifier and Type Description Supported?
HBase 0.98 HBase 1.1
close() void Close this connection. No Yes
getAdmin()i Admin Retrieve an Admin implementation to administer an HBase cluster. Yes Yes
getBufferedMutator(BufferedMutatorParams params) BufferedMutator Retrieve a BufferedMutator for performing client-side buffering of writes. No Yes
getBufferedMutator(TableName tableName) BufferedMutator No Yes
getConfiguration() org.apache.hadoop.conf.Configuration Retrieve the Configuration object used by this connection. No Yes
getRegionLocator(TableName tableName) RegionLocator Retrieve a RegionLocator implementation to inspect region information on a table. No Yes
getTable(TableName tableName)i Table Retrieve a Table implementation for accessing a table. Yes Yes
getTable(TableName tableName, ExecutorService pool)i Table Yes Yes
isClosed() boolean Returns whether the connection is closed or not. No Yes
i In v0.98, this is HConnection API.