Configuring Services

Services, such as JobHistoryServer, can be launched as a task from the Myriad Framework.

To configure services, define the service in the Myriad configuration file, myriad-config-default.yml. Once defined, the Myriad Service REST API can be used to launch an instance as a task for the service.

The services and service properties are as follows:

<!-- Define services as a task -->
    serviceName:            # Name of the service
        jvmMaxMemoryMB:     # Memory needed for service
        cpus:               # CPU needed for Service
        ports:              # Map of ports: port property and value
                            # (Default: 0 which indicates that port will be assigned randomly)
                            # Uses the syntax, <name>: <value>
        envSettings:        # Any environment settings
        taskName:           # Again service name
        maxInstances:       # If defined maximum number of instances this service can have per myriad framework
        command:            # Command to be executed
        serviceOptsName:    # Name of the env. variable that may need to be set for the service that will include env. settings

To configure additional services:

  1. Edit the /opt/mapr/myriad/myriad-0.1/conf/myriad-config-default.yml file.
  2. For the services property, specify a service and provide the appropriate parameters.
    For example, to define a TimeLineServer task:
    <!-- Define services as a task -->
            jvmMaxMemoryMB: 1024
            taskName: timelineserver
  3. Copy or update the myriad-configure-default.yml file on every node in the cluster.
  4. Restart the initial Resource Manager from Marathon.