Managing Mesos Services

This topic describes how to stop, start, and restart Mesos services from the command line.

To start, stop, and restart the Mesos master, Mesos slave, Mesos-DNS, and Mesos Marathon services from the command line, use the maprcli node services command with the following syntax:

maprcli node services 
-name <mesos-master | mesos-slave | mesos-marathon | mesos-dns> 
-action <start | stop | restart> 
-nodes <nodes>

Each services is managed on the node(s) where it is installed.

For example, to stop Mesos Master on node (where it is installed):

maprcli node services
-name mesos-master
-action stop
Note: If the Mesos slave service does not start, it can be caused by a resource change. The mesos-slave service is not tolerant of changes to resource values. To resolve this situation, delete the <mesos_work_dir>/meta/slaves/latest directory and restart the mesos-slave service. For example, to restart the mesos-slave service on node
maprcli node services
-name mesos-slave
-action restart
Important: In the Myriad environment, the Myriad Resource Manager is normally started, restarted, and stopped by Marathon. However, if you want to run the Resource Manager from the command line, see the workaround in Troubleshoot Myriad. The Resource Manager can not be managed by the maprcli node services command.