Creating MapR Cluster Templates

The last setup step is to create templates for MapR clusters that users can launch. Define cluster templates by referencing existing node group templates and setting other properties as required.
  1. Go to Project > Data Processing > Cluster Templates > Create Template.
  2. On the Create Cluster Template screen: You can also
    1. Enter the name of the template and (optional) description.
    2. Select Auto-configure.
    3. (Optional) Specify “anti-affinity groups” for processes, which means that these processes may not be launched more than once on a single host.

  3. On the Node Groups tab, select node group templates (click the + sign) and specify the number of nodes per group in the Count column.

  4. On the General Parameters tab, check the Enable MapR-DB option if required.

  5. On the <Service name> Parameters tab, choose the Version from the list and click the Create button to create the cluster template.
    Tip: Click on Show full configuration to view and modify all service configuration.

    For example: