Creating MapR Node Group Templates

The next step is to create node group templates. These templates describe the type of workload for a node in a cluster, in terms of the MapR and ecosystem processes that will run and the available resources (as defined by the flavor you already created).
  1. Go to Project > Data Processing > Node Group Templates > Create Template.
  2. Select MapR Hadoop Distribution and the appropriate version (5.0.0.mrv2 or 5.1.0.mrv2), then click Next:

  3. On the next Create Node Group Template screen, ,
    1. Enter a descriptive Template Name and (optional) Description.
      Note: Do not use spaces in the template name.
    2. Select appropriate values for flavor (you created before), Storage Location, and Floating IP pool.
    3. Select Auto Security Group or choose from the list in the Security tab.
    A simple configuration might provide three templates, for Worker (data) nodes, Master (control) nodes, and edge nodes. A different set of processes will run on each group of nodes.
    For example:

  4. Select the processes that you want to run on this group of nodes, then click the Create button.

  5. Repeat this process and create templates for other node groups.