Setting Up MapR Plugin

To make it possible for users to provision clusters, you need to do the following objects:

  • Add “flavor” optimized for MapR, which defines the resource allocation for an instance
  • Register images for MapR Plugin and tag them
  • Create node group templates, determine the amount of resources for the node (flavor) and the list of processes to ber performed on this node
  • Create cluster templates from a previously created cluster site templates, enable/disable MapR-DB and select processes versions from several versions.

The following setup is typically done via the OpenStack Dashboard, which should already be running in your OpenStack environment.

After starting the Sahara service, you will be able to access new Sahara functionality via the dashboard. If you prefer, you can use CLI commands instead of the UI for certain steps, as documented here:

Log into the Dashboard by going to: http://<ip_address>, using the IP address for your OpenStack node.