The Charts Tab

Click the Charts tab to display your job's line chart metrics.

Click the Add chart button to add a new line chart. You can use the X and minus buttons at the top-left of each chart to dismiss or hide the chart.

Line charts can display the following metrics for your job:

  • Cumulative CPU used
  • Cumulative physical memory used
  • Number of failed map tasks
  • Number of failed reduce tasks
  • Number of running map tasks
  • Number of running reduce tasks
  • Number of map task attempts
  • Number of failed map task attempts
  • Number of failed reduce task attempts
  • Rate of map record input
  • Rate of map record output
  • Rate of map input bytes
  • Rate of map output bytes
  • Rate of reduce record output
  • Rate of reduce shuffle bytes
  • Average duration of map attempts
  • Average duration of reduce attempts
  • Maximum duration of map attempts
  • Maximum duration of reduce attempts